Streamlined and fresh musical elements.

Album | Calling You
Artist | Cal
Released | 27th April 2004


Douglas Coulter (bass, drums, keyboards, programming, whistle), Steve Gillies (bagpipes), Jock the Box (accordion), Elaine Green (backing vocals)
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Douglas Coulter at DOUGS DEN 

Featured Tracks

  • Calling You
  • Don't Give In
  • Chi' mi n' geamhradh
  • Ae' Fond Kiss
  • Heading Home To You
  • You And I
  • Don't Let It Pass You By
  • A' Chailin A'lainn
  • The Gathering (part 1)
  • The Gathering (part2)
  • White Lightning
  • Roll Away The Night
  • Al

Original songs - lyrics included when purchased.

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